heonibee: lu han (Default)
2014-01-28 08:40 pm

intro post

hello there!! i go by riyeon and soo; call me either. if you couldn't tell from my interests, i'm in a lot of fandoms; as a result i really like reading and writing fic. i am, at first, a very polite person, but as you get to know me i'm actually sort of rude and annoying. BEWARE!!!

if you wanted some more lame trivia:
  • i am very big on equality in society (feminism, racism, etc).
  • i live in california, usa
  • i love beignets
  • i like margherita pizza
  • i actually like all pizza
  • i have two sisters (i'm the middle child)
  • my birthday is october 24
  • 86% of my classmates are korean
  • historical fiction is my favorite genre
  • i want to learn mandarin and korean
  • logan lerman
  • kiko mizuhara
  • what is this